Hi My name is Laura and I am a shopaholic….

I admit it.  I have a shopping problem.  It all started when I became an adolescent and wanted to wear fashionable clothing that fit me.  The stores rarely had anything and when I found something that looked good and fit my size 18 body I was so excited that I bought it regardless of whether I actually needed it or not.  This led to a mighty full closet over the years.  I give a lot of my excess clothing away but some of it is really up to date and in excellent condition and I have decided trying to pass some of it along through the internet and sell it.  Which of course will give me more money for more clothes.  It’s win win I would say.

Although it is a bit easier to find cute plus sized clothing, its still a bit of a treasure hunt.  Larger sizes in the really cute stuff sell out really quickly and often items do not go on deep discount like regular sized clothing does.  I am hoping that by sharing my finds, I can help women like me build a wardrobe of fashionable, reasonably priced clothing that fits them.   Game On!

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